About Me

I’m a data scientist and mathematician. This started when I enrolled in college. I didn’t know what major to pick, so I chose math because that sounded better than being undeclared. I was going to change it, but the extra paperwork would have been a hassle. Eventually I got a Ph.D. in mathematics from Binghamton University, where I spent several years thinking about how some fractions are just too big. These days I think a lot about how to get computers to do all of my thinking for me, because that would save a lot of time.

I live in upstate New York with my wife and our three cats. In my spare time, I run and occasionally play music. As a runner, I train for several hours per week for months on end in order to save precious minutes and seconds in races. As a musician, I’ve made well over $100 playing gigs. That’s enough to buy new strings for most of my guitars and basses.